Curb Appeal Can Help Your Business


If you had to choose which business to shop at just based on what their parking lot looked like, would you choose the one that had lots of cracks with weeds, potholes and no defined places to park or would you choose the store with the well manicured parking lot that has clean crisp lines, defined parking, and nice looking curbs that define where you walk as a customer and where you park?

Without knowing anything else about either business, as humans, you would naturally be drawn to the store with the better parking lot. Why? Because in most circumstances, we are drawn towards things that look nice...the finer things in life if you will. Here are some other reasons why curbing is important too!

Choosing to install curbing onto your property when revamping your parking lot has many benefits. One of those is that curbs help strengthen pavement. By installing curbs while the pavement is being installed helps maintain the integrity of the edges of the parking lot under traffic. It does this by adding thickness to the edges which in effect increases the strength and stiffness.

Another benefit of having curbing is it prevents cars to an extent from running off the edge. It helps as a deterent when vehicles are parking, to park in the correct place and to also preserve the landscaping. Curbing can also help control water runn off and to direct the water towards the catch basins, which helps to prevent standing water throughout a parking lot. Curbing also increases safety in parking lots. As a business, safety is a large concern due to liability risks. By installing parking lot curbing, it provides a prominent border and offers direction, along with protection.

If your parking lot is in disrepair or you are looking for a new look, contact Albatross Asphalt to schedule a consultation and assessment. Once the assessment has been completed, our Company can help to come up with a plan to get the job done. Call 330-465-3375 to schedule your consulation today!


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