Springtime Maintenance


Spring has officially sprung here in Ohio! There are so many things to love about Spring, but for us it's also a great sign of us getting back to doing the thing we love to do the most...Asphalt. As the snow melts off, here are some things we recommend businesses and home owners do to preserve the life of their asphalt parking lots and driveways.

One of the things we recommend is creating a maintenance plan for your asphalt. By creating a maintenance plan that includes crack filling and sealcoating, you can extend the life of the asphalt. Also if you see any small issues, it is more cost effective to fix them now and prevent those expensive repairs later on. If you have recently had asphalt installed, be sure to get it seal coated between 9-12 months afterwards. After that first year, we recommend that you seal coat it every two-three years. Be sure to clean up the edges of the asphalt from weeds, debris, oils, dirt and grass to prevent it from growing through the asphalt.

Commercial property owners should use this time to get any potholes fixed that happened over winter. Spring is also the perfect time to do any touch up paint jobs on parking spaces, fire lanes, and anywhere else requiring a fresh coat of paint to make sure all those lines as visible. Be sure to check and clear basins and drains to prevent build up too.

By following these recommendations, you and your asphalt will be ready for warmer weather!


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