Credit Policy

Albatross Management, LLC Statement

The mission of Albatross Management, LLC's credit policy is to support our financial goals and, specifically, to support our sales efforts, while maintaining the highest quality of accounts receivables within our company's capacity for risk. We wish to provide a flexible mechanism to sell to a broad range of customers while ensuring that only prudent credit risks are taken and cash flow is maintained. Our hope is to maintain customer goodwill during the collection process when necessary.

Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorization Level:

  • Jennifer Mosher, Chief Financial Officer, has ultimate authority over financial goals, sales efforts, accounts receivables, collections, and the overall credit policy.

  • Michael Mosher, Credit Director, reports to the CFO, plans, organizes, leads and controls the day-to-day management of the crediting department.

  • Liz Schaffer, Billing and Invoice Manager, reports to the credit manager, responsible for the day-to-day management of billing and invoicing, maintaining high standards of invoice accuracy, handling invoicing disputes, deductions and all matters pertaining to billing. Reviews daily aging report.


These procedures apply to all customers, with very few exceptions, and are consistently enforced. The procedures are flexible but not subject to individual interpretation. Situations which are flexible are subject to approval by the credit director and chief financial officer.

  • Terms & Conditions of Sale.

  • Invoicing. Invoices are (Net 30 terms), unless agreed upon in writing prior to service being started.

               ◦ Net 30 – total amount is due.

               ◦ Net 30 to Net 60 – total amount due plus 2% finance charge.

               ◦ Net 60 to Net 90 – total amount due plus 2% finance charge.

               ◦ Net 90 to Net 120 - total amount due plus 2% finance charge, will be contacted by company attorney or 3rd- party collection agency.

               ◦ Net 120 – total amount due plus 2%, will begin civil actions.

  • Collections. Even with our best efforts to carefully and consistently manage our receivables, there will be some accounts that don't get paid on time.

  • It is the customer's responsibility to contact Albatross Management, LLC., if there are any issues with the service completed, the accuracy of the invoice, or reason to why the invoice may not be paid on time.

  • Disputes and Deductions. Michael Mosher needs contacted at (330) 465-3375 or so he may provide one-on-one communication where he will effectively listen to any service disputes. It is our goal to respond promptly to our customers questions and feedback. Albatross Asphalt wants to create positive experiences for our customers and make every feel appreciated.

  • Payment Plans. The invoice received after the service is completed will have the amount due. The amount stated is due in full by credit card, check, or money order. We charge $50.00 for any checks returned to us for insufficient funds. If a hardship has happened please contact Michael Mosher at (330) 465-3375 to possibly set up a payment plan.

  • 3rd-party Collections. Prior to Net 90 terms on invoicing a delinquency will be handled by Albatross Management, LLC. Once no contact has been established or the debt settled a third-party agency or company attorney will be contacted.


The credit and collection policy creates an environment which safeguards our companies most important asset – accounts receivable, and also our customers. The policy provides clear, written guidelines that set the terms and conditions of supplying our services and the enforcement of customer delinquency. The provides a critical tool for maintaining alignment on issues throughout our company and with each of our customers. We want our customers to know our consistent standards, company goals, customer expectations and responsibilities.


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