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Did you know that there are 8 common types of asphalt paving issues that we see the most? Each of these can be fixed by experienced professionals like Albatross Asphalt!

The first type of paving issue that can occur is raveling. Raveling is the breakdown of asphalt that has dislodged from the surface. Raveling can cause uneven surfaces and standing water.

The second type of paving issues are calle depressions. Depressions are low areas of pavement that do not penetrate the asphalt and are typically caused by poor compaction during paving. If a depression is not fixed quickly, the depression can weaken the surfaces integrity.

The third type of paving issues and most commonly seen here in Oh...

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Living in Ohio means winters are filled with snow and ice. Icy driveways can be especially tricky during the winter months. Here are some good ways to protect your asphalt driveway during the winter months while also making it not so slippery.

The first way that you can help add traction to your driveway on icy days is by spreading sand. Sand absorbs sunlight which then helps melt ice and snow without any harsh chemicals. Sand is also a good option because it also helps add traction to your driveway for any visitors you might have during the winter season.

The second way can help make your asphalt driveway less slippery is by spreading kitty litter. While kitty litter will not melt ice and...

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Spring has officially sprung here in Ohio! There are so many things to love about Spring, but for us it's also a great sign of us getting back to doing the thing we love to do the most...Asphalt. As the snow melts off, here are some things we recommend businesses and home owners do to preserve the life of their asphalt parking lots and driveways.

One of the things we recommend is creating a maintenance plan for your asphalt. By creating a maintenance plan that includes crack filling and sealcoating, you can extend the life of the asphalt. Also if you see any small issues, it is more cost effective to fix them now and prevent those expensive repairs later on. If you have recently had aspha...

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Which Radiant Heat System Should You Choose?


Heated asphalt driveway.

After this crazy cold and snowy winter we've had in Ohio, doesn't a heated driveway sound like an amazing addition to your home? We've gathered the pros and cons regarding a decision between the two options of snow melting systems. This blog contains the estimated cost of installation, the process of installation, and the best time to install a radiant heat system for your residential drive way. Albatross Management has never had the opportunity to install a heated driveway but we're remaining optimistic for a future possibility.

The advantages of a snow melting system are many.

  • The biggest advantage in our opinion would hav...
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When do most potholes form? Most potholes in Ohio form during the colder months of the year. You may have already noticed the holes all over the roads and parking lots this season. After our most recent cold snap and the temperatures quickly increasing, we're beginning to see the devastating effects.


Township road with multiple potholes.

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