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Did you know that there are 8 common types of asphalt paving issues that we see the most? Each of these can be fixed by experienced professionals like Albatross Asphalt!

The first type of paving issue that can occur is raveling. Raveling is the breakdown of asphalt that has dislodged from the surface. Raveling can cause uneven surfaces and standing water.

The second type of paving issues are calle depressions. Depressions are low areas of pavement that do not penetrate the asphalt and are typically caused by poor compaction during paving. If a depression is not fixed quickly, the depression can weaken the surfaces integrity.

The third type of paving issues and most commonly seen here in Oh...

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Living in Ohio means winters are filled with snow and ice. Icy driveways can be especially tricky during the winter months. Here are some good ways to protect your asphalt driveway during the winter months while also making it not so slippery.

The first way that you can help add traction to your driveway on icy days is by spreading sand. Sand absorbs sunlight which then helps melt ice and snow without any harsh chemicals. Sand is also a good option because it also helps add traction to your driveway for any visitors you might have during the winter season.

The second way can help make your asphalt driveway less slippery is by spreading kitty litter. While kitty litter will not melt ice and...

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When it comes to asphalt there are so many options! One of those options is asphalt sealcoating.

So what is sealcoating?

Sealcoating is an asphalt sealer that helps take your driveway back to that gorgeous black color that it had when it was first installed. It also has more benefits than just aesthetics too. By sealcoating you are helping block UV rays that can fade asphalt. Sealcoat also helps in retaining moisutre content so that the asphalt does not deteriorate over time as well. By putting sealer on your asphalt, you are almost helping to form a tougher barrier against automobile fluids that can soften asphalt and it helps to fill small voids in the pavement so that it looks even.


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Ever wonder why parking lots have striping on them? Are they really that important to have on a parking lot? Actually they are important for multiple reasons! Parking lot striping creates a good first impression. When someone pulls into your parking lot, striping adds a level of crispness and quality at first impression. Your parking lot appearance creates a perception to the customer of the quality and safety of your business as well.

Another reason why parking lot striping importance is because ADA (American Disabilities Act) requires that every commercial building has handicapped parking strips. By creating these spaces for handicap individuals, you are ensuring easy access to all custo...

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If you had to choose which business to shop at just based on what their parking lot looked like, would you choose the one that had lots of cracks with weeds, potholes and no defined places to park or would you choose the store with the well manicured parking lot that has clean crisp lines, defined parking, and nice looking curbs that define where you walk as a customer and where you park?

Without knowing anything else about either business, as humans, you would naturally be drawn to the store with the better parking lot. Why? Because in most circumstances, we are drawn towards things that look nice...the finer things in life if you will. Here are some other reasons why curbing is importan...

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As the weather turns warmer, the time comes again to start working on all those projects that you thought about during the winter months. Weather, traffic and time can put a lot of wear and tear on surfaces. At Albatross Asphalt, we strive to help the customer make the best decision for their resurfacing projects.

One of the options when looking to replace a surface is milling. Do you know what milling is? Milling is a process that involves grinding up an asphalt surface to provide a smooth and even surface for repaving. Asphalt milling is an economical solution for restoration of pavement and is often more affordable than a complete demolition and repaving.

Projects that are ideal for mil...

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As the weather gets warmer, there's nothing better than being outside with our four legged side kicks. To keep them in the best health this Summer, here are a few tips to follow:

1) Try to avoid prolonged exposure to hot asphalt, sand, or similar surfaces. If it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for their feet!

2) Walk your pet on the grass if possible.

3) Avoid strenuous exercise on extremely hot days. Take walks in the early mornings or evenings, when the sun's heat is less intense.

4) Trim longer haired dogs, but don't completely shave them. Fur serves as cooling insulation and sunburn protection.

5) Never leave your pets in a parked car on a hot day.

6) Wet your pets paws, as this a good ...

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The last week in April 2021 is National Work Zone Awareness Week. National Work Zone Awareness Week was created to help raise awareness about the dangers that road workers face when working to improve the roadways throughout the country.

According to ODOT, there were 4,536 work zone crashes in Ohio in 2020. Of those 4,536 crashes, 18 of the crashes were fatal and 96 resulted in serious injuries. There were also over 2300 citations given out across the state, with nearly half involving drivers going 20mph over the speed limit.

Mark Potnick, Director of Labor Relations & Safety Affairs for the Ohio Contractors told ODOT, "Each Spring, hundreds of experienced contractors and their dedicated ...

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Spring has officially sprung here in Ohio! There are so many things to love about Spring, but for us it's also a great sign of us getting back to doing the thing we love to do the most...Asphalt. As the snow melts off, here are some things we recommend businesses and home owners do to preserve the life of their asphalt parking lots and driveways.

One of the things we recommend is creating a maintenance plan for your asphalt. By creating a maintenance plan that includes crack filling and sealcoating, you can extend the life of the asphalt. Also if you see any small issues, it is more cost effective to fix them now and prevent those expensive repairs later on. If you have recently had aspha...

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Which Radiant Heat System Should You Choose?


Heated asphalt driveway.

After this crazy cold and snowy winter we've had in Ohio, doesn't a heated driveway sound like an amazing addition to your home? We've gathered the pros and cons regarding a decision between the two options of snow melting systems. This blog contains the estimated cost of installation, the process of installation, and the best time to install a radiant heat system for your residential drive way. Albatross Management has never had the opportunity to install a heated driveway but we're remaining optimistic for a future possibility.

The advantages of a snow melting system are many.

  • The biggest advantage in our opinion would hav...
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