Chip & Seal

Application Process

Chip & Seal consists of spraying hot tar and spreading washed rock over it and locking it into place with a roller. When doing a driveway or parking lot for the first time we recommend a double application. Maintenance of chip and seal will be less than that of asphalt or concrete. Due to its flexibility it typically does not crack like asphalt or concrete. Like any hard surface it is only as good as the base under it. That being said it is very important to fix any drainage of sub-base problems prior to instillation. The equipment used to spread Chip & Seal consists of a distributor truck, chip spreader, haul trucks, rollers, and brooms. Before the job begins the weather requirements need to be met. The construction area may be opened to traffic as soon as the entire process has been completed and pavement markings are marked.

Chip & Seal Facts

Chip & Seal is the most popular on large driveways and parking lots. It allows you to keep the gravel look without having to add new gravel every spring. It is very cost effective usually half of asphalt and one third the cost of concrete. Chip & Seal also provides the most traction when compared to asphalt or concrete. It can be installed directly over asphalt or concrete providing major cost savings.

Chip & Seal Advantages

* Cost-effective

* Skid resistant

* Non-reflective surface

* Traffic can drive on it very soon after application

* Eliminate the need to crack seal


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