Erosion Control & vegetation Techniques  



Seeding & Mulching

Albatross is pleased to offer erosion control. We specialize in temporary and permanent seeding and mulching. We can also install silt fence, straw blankets, and any other product or service your erosion control plan calls for. Erosion control is the practice of preventing or controlling wind or water erosion in agriculture, land development and construction. Effective erosion controls are important techniques in preventing water pollution and soil loss. Erosion Control is becoming more important than ever due to EPA regulations on construction sites. We cover all of Ohio and surrounding states depending on size of job. Please contact us today to discuss your project.


Temp Seeding

Prevention Practices

Temporary seeding makes up over half of our seeding projects. Without a doubt temporary seeding and mulching are the most effective erosion and sediment control measures. It is generally used for rapid vegetation establishment for soil where soils may be disturbed by construction services. This typically involves spreading seed and blowing mulch over existing exposed areas on job sites. Temporary seeding usually does not involve dirt work of any kind. Seeding should be applied within seven days when no additional work is scheduled for 20-45 days and applied as early in the day as possible. 


Permanent Seeding

Soil Stabilization 

Permanent seeding typically involves some dirt work depending on what type of turf is being established. The seedbed needs to be prepared by plowing, chiseling, ripping or harrowing. All debris, stones, boulders, and stumps need removed from the surface. We can do soil testing if necessary, and apply soil amendments based on results. Sowing of seed and mulching complete the process. 



Natural & Synthetic 

This is the application of straw as a protective cover over seeded areas to reduce erosion and aid in vegetation or over bare soils that will be landscaped later to reduce erosion. There are natural and synthetic mulches to choose from. Natural products reduce raindrop erosion and sheet erosion, promote rain and snow melt infiltration, and increase soil moisture retention. These products include straw, grasses, coconut fiber, and bark. Synthetic mulches use a variety of chemical bonding agents. Albatross can quickly and efficiently apply mulch to large areas on construction sites. 



Rock Armor

Riprap is a permanent layer of large, cobbles, boulders, or angular stone that stabilize, armor, and protect the soil. Typically used along ditches, channels, and shorelines. Use on construction sites with high erosive possibilities by increasing surface roughness and slowing runoff. This is generally more expensive to install compared to seeding and mulching. 


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