Is Milling A Good Option For My Project?


As the weather turns warmer, the time comes again to start working on all those projects that you thought about during the winter months. Weather, traffic and time can put a lot of wear and tear on surfaces. At Albatross Asphalt, we strive to help the customer make the best decision for their resurfacing projects.

One of the options when looking to replace a surface is milling. Do you know what milling is? Milling is a process that involves grinding up an asphalt surface to provide a smooth and even surface for repaving. Asphalt milling is an economical solution for restoration of pavement and is often more affordable than a complete demolition and repaving.

Projects that are ideal for milling are pavements that have surface damage such as cracking or uneven slope throughout the pavement. By milling the area, the sub layer is left intact and only the layers that are damaged are removed. This process is done with a piece of equipment called a milling machine. Once the milling machine has done it's job, the area can then be replaced with new asphalt.

If you're questioning if milling is a good option for your property, Albatross Asphalt is happy to come onsite to evaluate the area. Schedule your appointment today by calling 330-465-3375.


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